Soc 100 Essay

Technology and Social Change

Tina Austin


Technology and Social Change

        This essay is in regards to technology and social change. Technology is a collection of techniques, methods, and processes used. In the production of goods or services in the accomplishment of objectives. It can pertain to knowledge or be embedded in machines. Social change refers to notion of social progress. It is the philosophical idea that society moves forward by evolutionary means. They can relate to each other because of the developing world. The economy today experiences more gender equal patterns which lead to more opportunities as technology evolved requiring the amount of people needed to evolve. To obtain the knowledge to run the machines and teach the growing population.

Computers have drastically changed the lives of many people. It has made communication possible from one part of the world to the other in seconds. This can be said for cellular phones and the internet as well. All three have also allowed any type of work that needs to be sent or done to be completed quickly with applications such as e mail or online education. It is extremely easy to obtain any data required because of the easy access. As an example a document that would take weeks for a person to obtain in the mail can now be obtained in seconds via the internet or computer/phone applications.

The equilibrium model is a method for studying changing social systems. This enables us to be able to collect data on changes that occur over a limited amount of time. The digital divide refers to the growing gap between the underprivileged members of society, especially the poor, rural, elderly, and handicapped portion of the population who do not have access to computers or the internet; and the wealthy, middle-class, and young Americans living in urban and suburban areas who have access. The cultural lag is time between the appearance of a new material invention and the making of appropriate adjustments in corresponding area of non-material culture. This is associated with people experiencing an imbalance. The resulting imbalance is defined as a social problem until non-material culture changes in adjustment to the new technology.

In addition, technology has also influenced social epidemiology, health, and the environment. Social epidemiology co exists with health because it is how society makes people sick or healthy. It implies that an important goal of public health is to identify and address factors in the social environment that may be related to health outcomes. Technology has been affected because now doctors can give valuable prescriptions through the internet for certain conditions and therefore expanding people’s life expectancy. Health is extremely important because something as simple as an epidemic can be a huge factor in technology and social change. It can affect people’s behaviors toward one another and how the economy would evolve.


Deviant Behavior/Tattoos Essay

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SOC 100
May 19, 2013

Beginning from a child we begin to experience different situations and interactions with others. We start getting taught the difference between right and wrong, what may be considered good and what is considered bad, and also taught the things we should and should not do. As we grow older we try to refrain from behavior of which society may disapprove of. Society see’s certain types of behavior as being deviant. First let’s begin by explaining what is a deviant behavior? Deviant behavior can be any behavior that does not conform to what people may consider normal, a behavior that does not meet with many expectations in society. Societies are both social structure and culture. Robert K Merton developed structural…show more content…

Tattoos are stigmatized as aggressive and deviant because it was once commonly known among “out group”, outlaws, criminals, bikers, prisoners, and etc., (Heywood,Patrick, Smith, Pitts, Richters, Shelley, (n.d)). People who obtain tattoos are more perceived negatively towards tattooed figures than that of non-tattooed adults. Women with tattoos are more negatively looked upon than men. There is a type of control over people with tattoos and employment. Many employers try not to hire people with tattoos especially as sales representatives. Studies have showed that people with tattoos that are interested in what is sold would gravitate more towards a sales representative with tattoos. As a female with tattoos, I can say that I have personally seen the difference in the way that people may treat me because of my body modifications. Even with body modifications studies may show that the more tattoos and piercings the more deviant the person. I cannot truly agree with this. Tattoos in the tattoo wearer’s eyes are more of a creative freedom or an art form.


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