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Course Syllabus VPMA93 Listening to Music Summer 2017 Class time and location: Monday & Wednesday 3:00–5:00, Room AA 112 Course Instructors: Dr. Rosanne King [email protected]Office: HW 409 Office hours: Drop in or by appointment Dr. Brett Kingsbury [email protected]Office: AA 326Office hours: Tuesday 1:00–2:00 or by appointment Course Description:This course is an introduction to the experience of listening to music. Our aim is to promote active listening that will develop your ability to think and talk about music. The first part of the course is devoted to building a vocabulary that will enable you to describe what you hear. The remainder of the course consists of case studies of music making and performance that will explore the significance of music within society and the meanings that lie behind the sounds that you hear. The goal of this course is to establish in each student a foundation for listening experiences going forward. This is an introductory level course that requires no previous musical training or background. Course Schedule: The Fundamentals of Music May 1 Introduction and Sound May 3 Timbre May 8 Melody, Texture May 10 Rhythm, Volume May 15 Form Music, Culture and Meaning May 17 Music and Meaning May 24 Guest lecture May 29 Music and Politics May 31 Music and Text June 5 Music and Dance June 7 Electronic Music and Production Practice June 12 Performing Music

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