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Masters Theses, 1928-Present

  1. Hubert Anton BAUER Tides of the Puget Sound and Adjacent Island Waters [1928]
  2. Wallace Thomas BUCKLEY The Geography of Spokane [1930]
  3. Carl Herbert MAPES The History and Function of the Map in Relation to the Science of Geography [1931]
  4. William Bungay MERRIAM Geonomics of the Rogue River Valley [1933]
  5. James Allan TOWER The Oasis of Damascus [1933]
  6. Vera C. CASS [Sawyer] The Port of Stockton [1934]
  7. William Haskell PIERSON A Regional Study of Texas [1934]
  8. Leonard Clarence EKMAN The Geography of Occupance in the Skykomish Valley [1937]
  9. Harold Ellsworth TENNANT The Columbia Basin Project [1937]
  10. Margaret TAYLOR [Carlstairs] Intensification of Agriculture in Sub-tropical Japan [1939]
  11. Russel SHEE MCCLURE The Hudson Bay Wheat Road [1939]
  12. Burton W. ATKINSON The Historical Geography of the Snohomish River Valley [1940]
  13. Elmer ANDERSEN The Eden-Farson Reclamation Project of Wyoming [1940]
  14. Woodrow Rexford CLEVINGER The Southern Appalachian Highlanders in Western Washington [1940]
  15. Tim Kenneth KELLEY The Geography of the Wenatchee River Basin [1940]
  16. Gertrude Louise MCKEAN [Reith] Industrial Tacoma [1940]
  17. Chester Frederick COLE Land Utilization on Vashon Island [1941]
  18. Violet Elisabeth RYBERG Oasis Agriculture in Tacoma, Argentina [1942]
  19. Ernestine Annamae HAMBURG [Gavin] Geography of Pen Oreille County Washington [1943]
  20. Enid Lorine MILLER [Stevens] A Geographic Study of Jefferson and Clallam Counties Washington [1943]
  21. Marion E. MARTS Geography of the Snoqualmie River Valley [1944]
  22. William Ross PENCE The White River Valley of Washington [1946]
  23. Willert RHYNSBURGER A Critical Bibliography of African Topographic Maps [1946]
  24. Richard M. HIGHSMITH, Jr. Irrigation Agriculture in the Yakima Valley [1946]
  25. Herman Walter BURKLAND The Yokohama Waterfront: A Study in Port Morphology [1947]
  26. Michael Perry MCINTYRE Geography of the New Hebrides [1947]
  27. Elbert Ernest MILLER Geography of Grant County, Washington [1947]
  28. Frederick William BUERSTATTE The Geography of Whidbey Island [1947]
  29. Howard John CRITCHFIELD The Geography of Boundary County, Idaho [1947]
  30. Oliver Harry HEINTZELMAN The Urban Geography of Longview Washington [1948]
  31. Stanley Alan ARBINGAST The Industrial Geography of Duluth, Minnesota [1948]
  32. Douglas Broadmore CARTER The Sequim-Dungeness Lowland. A Natural Dairy Community [1948]
  33. Robert Nelson YOUNG Geography of the Okanogan Valley [1948]
  34. John Olney DART The Geography of the Roslyn-Cle Elum Coal Field [1948]
  35. Harold Ray IMUS Land Utilization in the Sumas Lake District, British Columbia [1948]
  36. Donald Otto BUSHMAN The Geography of Orcas Island [1949]
  37. Constance Demange CROSS The Geography of Clackamas County, Oregon [1949]
  38. Roger Edward ERVIN The Economy of Central Costa Rica [1949]
  39. Edward Clarence WHITLEY Agriculture Geography of the Kittitas Valley [1949]
  40. Brian Henry FARRELL The Study of an Evolving Habitat: Ahuriri Lagoon, New Zealand [1949]
  41. Keith Westherad THOMSON The Manawatu Lowland of New Zealand [1949]
  42. Will F. THOMPSON, Jr. Resources of the Western Aleutians [1950]
  43. Dale Elliot COURTNEY Bellingham: An Urban Analysis [1950]
  44. Donald William MEINIG Environment and Settlement in the Palouse, 1868-1910 [1950]
  45. Forrest Lester MCELHOE, Jr. Physical Modifications of Site Necessitated by the Urban Growth of Seattle [1950]
  46. Clarke Harding BROOKE, Jr. The Razor Clam Siliqua Patula of the Washington Coast and Its Place in the Local Economy [1950]
  47. Herbert Lee COMBS, Jr. The Historical Geography of Port Townsend, Washington [1950]
  48. Wilfred Gervais MYATT Urban Geography of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan [1950]
  49. Elaine May BJORKLUND Changing Occupance in Davis County, Utah [1951]
  50. Francis William ANDERSON The Urban Geography of Everett, Washington [1951]
  51. John Albert CROSBY The Problem of Relief Representation on Maps [1951]
  52. Theodore HERMAN The Manufacture of Aluminum Products in the State of Washington, as of June 30, 1950 [1951]
  53. Elizabeth SCHREIBER OXFORD Phoenix: An Oasis in the Great American Desert [1951]
  54. Anthony SAS The Coal Mining Industry in South Limburg, Netherlands [1951]
  55. Eva Kathleen DEKRAAY Geography of Routt County, Washington [1951]
  56. John Richard HOWARD Wichita – An Urban Analysis [1951]
  57. James Eugene BROOKS Wahkiakum County, Washington: A Case Study in the Geography of the Coast Range Portion of the Lower Columbia River Valley [1952]
  58. Hazel Loraine LAUGHLIN The La Connor Flats of Western Washington [1952]
  59. Gene Ellis MARTIN Population and Food Production in the Philippine Province of Antique [1952]
  60. Dave Victoria GRAVES A Geographical Study of Olympia, Washington [1952]
  61. William Reed HEAD A Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of the Areal Arrangement of Retail Business in Communities and Neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon [1952]
  62. Harold Earl BABCOCK The Historical Geography of Devils Lake, North Dakota [1952]
  63. Jack Allen HARRISON An Evaluation of Mackinder’s Heartland Theory in Light of Selected Pre-War Economic Developments in the Soviet Union [1952]
  64. Joseph LOTZKAR The Boundary Country of Southern British Columbia. A Study of Resources and Human Occupance [1952]
  65. Thomas Edward STEPHENS Temperatures in the State of Washington as Influenced by the Westward Spread of Polar Air Over the Rocky and Cascade Mountain Barriers [1952]
  66. Charles Dennis DURDEN The Road System of San Juan County [1953]
  67. Harold Glenn LUNTEY An Analysis of the Economic Benefits of Irrigation to Twin City Falls County, Idaho [1953]
  68. Francis E. SHAFER Tourist Flow to the San Juan Islands [1953]
  69. Neil Collard FIELD The Amu-Darya: Problems and Implications of Soviet Plans for Water Resource Development. An Application of Systematic Geographic Principles to Regional Research in the Soviet Field [1954]
  70. Burton Francis KELSO Flow Pattern Changes in the Canadian Petroleum Industry. A Case Study in the Impact of Increased Oil Production Upon Petroleum Transportation in Canada [1954]
  71. Raymond Success MATHIESON The Industrial Geography of Seattle, Washington [1954]
  72. Rodney STEINER An Investigation of Selected Phases of Sampling to Determine Quantities of Land and Land-Use Types [1954]
  73. Fred Patrick MILETICH The Historical and Economic Geography of Port Angeles, Washington [1954]
  74. William Angus ERWIN, Jr. Medford as an Urban Economic Unit [1954]
  75. Willis Robertson HEATH Limitations on Settlement in a Baja California Village – San Jose de Comodu [1955]
  76. Howard K. ALBANO An Analysis of the Crop Production Potential of the Mongolian People’s Republic [1956]
  77. Ralph Edward BLACK Maps and Mapping Agencies in Washington State – A Selective and Analytical Bibliography [1956]
  78. Howard Edward VOGEL Maps and Maping Agencies in Washington State – A Selective and Analytical Bibliography [1956]
  79. William Robert Derrick SEWELL The Conflict of Fish and Power: A Problem in the Water Resource Development of the Pacific Northwest [1956]
  80. Duane Francis MARBLE The Spatial Structure of the Farm Business [1956]
  81. William Richard SIDDALL I. Seattle and the Hierarchy of Central Places in Alaska; II. Wholesale-Retail Trade Ratios as Indices of Urban Centrality; III. A Historical Study of the Yukon Waterway in the Development of Interior Alaska [1956]
  82. Brian Joe Lobley BERRY Geographic Aspects of the Size and Arrangement of Urban Centers: An Examination of Central Place Theory with an Empirical Test of Hypothesis of Classes of Central Places [1956]
  83. Rajanikant Nilkanthrao JOSHI The Cotton Textile Industry of Bombay City. A Locational Analysis [1956]
  84. Chen WANG I. The Role of Irrigation Ponds in the Agricultural Development of the Taoyuan Tableland, Taiwan; II. Irrigated Agriculture in Imperial Valley, California; III. Ch’ientao: An Irrigation Region of Northwestern China [1956]
  85. Robert Martin BONE The Development and Significance of Tea Cultivation in the Soviet Union [1957]
  86. Carlos B. HAGEN The Azimuthal Equidistant Projection [1957]
  87. Richard Leland MORRILL An Experimental Study of Trade in Wheat and Flour in the Flour Milling Industry [1957]
  88. John David NYSTUEN Locational Theory and the Movement of Fresh Produce to Urban Centers [1957]
  89. Richard Ellis PRESTON I. Wenatchee, Washington: A Study in Community-Industry Relations.
    II. Java: A Study in Population and Settlement Geography [1957]
  90. Waldo Rudolph TOBLER An Empirical Evaluation of Some Aspects of Hypsometric Colors [1957]
  91. William Frank KOHLER An Investigation of the Feasibility of Making a Preliminary Classification of Soils from Aerial Photos and An Exploratory Field Investigation of the Soils, Vegetation and Terrain of the Copper River Martin-Bering Glacier Lowland of Alaska [1957]
  92. Ruth Ellen Marken KROMANN Rural Settlements: Form and Function, with Southern Jutland, Denmark as an Example [1957]
  93. Nancy Houts NEWTON The Evolution of Manufacturing in the Central Industrial Region of the U.S.S.R. [1957]
  94. Arthur Jacob DIENO The Geography of the Southern Okanogan Valley of ritish Columbia [1957]
  95. Michael Francis DACEY The Minimum Expectation Method for Computation of the Service Component of the Urban Economic Base [1958]
  96. Roger E. PEDERSON The Procurement of Fruits. An Empirical Evaluation of the Factors of Fruit Procurement [1958]
  97. John Francis KOLARS The Development and Use of Coal in Relation to the Turkish Energy Base [1958]
  98. Ernest LUCERO Suggested Examination of Acculturation Aspects of Milpa Agriculture as Related to Resistance to Change [1958]
  99. Jeremy Herrick ANDERSON The Agricultural Development of Yakutia [1959]
  100. John Graham RICE Ideological Theory Underlying the Distribution of Industry in the U.S.S.R. [1959]
  101. Richard Louis EDWARDS A Survey of Cotton Production on the Irrigated Lands of Soviet Central Asia [1959]
  102. Julian Vincent MINGHI The Conflict of Salmon Fishing Policies in the North Pacific [1959]
  103. Charles Buckley PETERSON III The Evolution of the Politico-Territorial System of the Ukraine Since January 1917 [1960]
  104. Richard William KEPPEL Attitude Measurement as a Function of Map User Requirements Analysis [1960]
  105. John James SOUTHWORTH Alternative Routes for the Great Slave Railroad: Some Geographical Considerations [1960]
  106. Visvaldis SMITS Impact of Collectivization on Latvian Agriculture [1960]
  107. Eugene Thomas WEILER I. Cost Determinants of River Basin Development: The Columbia River Power System Case; II. An Illustration of the Use of the Basic-Service Ratio in Seattle, Washington [1961]
  108. William James SHAW II The Classification and Graphic Representation of Railroad Data [1961]
  109. George Kazuo SAITO An Investigation of Some Visual Problems of Cartographic Lettering [1962]
  110. Robert G. JENSEN Competition for Land in the Humid Subtropics of Soviet Georgia [1962]
  111. Ronald Everett SHOEMAKER Screen Gray Value Uses for Cartographic Representation [1962]
  112. Donald Wesley PATTEN The Air Traffic Patterns of the Seattle-Tacoma Hub [1962]
  113. Dexter Alden ARMSTRONG, Jr. Loss of Detail in Halftone Reproduction of Aerial Photographs: An Investigation [1962]
  114. George Harold HAGEVIK Locational Tendencies and Space Requirements of Retail Business in Suburban King County [1963]
  115. Richard Waldo WILKIE Cartography as an Effective Tool in the Study of Social Change [1963]
  116. John Edward George BOYMAN Alaska’s External Trade 1951-58: Some Characteristics and Developments [1963]
  117. Yun CHA Political-Geographical Appraisal of Divided Korea [1963]
  118. Michael Iwan ANDERSON Rangoon: A Study of Changing Functions of a Southeast Asian City [1963]
  119. Ladd JOHNSON. The Cowlitz River Development: History, Effects, and Implications [1963]
  120. Keith Way MUCKLESTON The Function of the Volga as Route of Transportation [1963]
  121. Robert Philip WRIGHT The Russian Empire and the U.S.S.R.: A Cartographic and Tabular Presentation of Population: 1897-1959 [1964]
  122. Harris Henry HAERTEL Irrigation, Mosquitoes, and Encephalitis: A Problem of Water Resource Development [1964]
  123. Paul Daniel MCDERMOTT A Preliminary Investigation of the Suitability of Aerial Photographs for Developing Visualization and Comprehension of Map Symbols in the First, Second, and Third Grades [1964]
  124. James Robert HENDERSON Depressed Areas and Location Theory Case Study: Cambridge, Ohio [1964]
  125. Frederick Joseph NAMMACHER The Nineteenth Century Basic Ferrous Metallurgical Industry of South Russia: A Geographical Appraisal [1964]
  126. Roger Lee THIEDE The Nineteenth Century Basic Ferrous Metallurgical Industry of South Russia: A Geographical Appraisal [1964]
  127. Marvin Alan STELLWAGEN Housing Expenditure Patterns in Seattle 1950-1960 [1964]
  128. Per Sur HENRIKSEN The Faroe lslands: A Political Geographic Case Study [1965]
  129. Kerry Josef PATAKI Shifting Population and Environment Among the Auyana: Some Considerations and Phenomena and Schema [1965]
  130. Khalida Nuzhat QURESHI [Nasir] The Political-Geographical Implications of “Pukhtoonistan” [1965]
  131. Evan DENNEY Economic Development, A Case Study of the Caroni River Region, Venezuela [1965]
  132. Frederick Abraham HIRSH Spatial Distribution of the Electronic Industry in the United States [1965]
  133. Richard Owen MERRITT Land Use Allocation for Military Purposes: The U.S. Marine Corps at Pickel Meadows, California [1965]
  134. Stephen Keith NEWSOM A Computer Program Which Constructs Interrupted Cylindric Map Projections [1965]
  135. Frank James QUINN National Involvement in a Small International River Valley: The Okanogan, British Columbia and Washington [1965]
  136. Huibert VERWEY The Problem in the Development of the Kulunda Steppe [1965]
  137. Kenji Kenneth OSHIRO Jiwari Seido in the Central and Southern Ryukyus [1965]
  138. Harry Holman MOORE Standardization of Geographic Names [1965]
  139. Philip Rust PRYDE A Locational Analysis of the Cotton Textile Industry of the U.S.S.R. [1965]
  140. Philip Patrick MICKLIN Electric Power Development in the Angaro-Yenisey Region of the U.S.S.R. [1966]
  141. Elisabeth Warriner PUTNAM An Analysis of the Spatial Variation in Selected Agricultural Practices in the Georgia Piedmont [1966]
  142. Jack Francis WILLIAMS China in Maps, 1890-1960. A Selective and Annotated Cartobibliography [1966]
  143. Allen Ralph SOMMARSTROM The Impact of Human Use on Recreational Quality: The Example of the Olympic National Park Backcountry User [1966]
  144. David Lloyd STALLINGS Automated Map Reference Retrieval [1966]
  145. Ernest Harold WOHLENBERG Some Spatial Aspects of the Wood Pulp Industry in the United States and Canada [1966]
  146. Alan Anthony DELUCIA SEMSID: An Automated System for Graphic Display of Series Map Status Information [1966]
  147. Daniel Benjamin Scott PRATHER The Cities of the Soviet Second Metallurgical Base: A Study of the Origin and Distribution [1967]
  148. Barbara Mary BRERETON [Haney] Viticulture and Viniculture in the U.S.S.R. [1967]
  149. Geoffrey John Dennis HEWINGS Persistence of Precipitation and No Precipitation Described by a Markov Chain Probability Model: Case Studies from Selected Stations in Washington State [1967]
  150. Everett Arvin WINGERT Tonal Enhancement and Isolation in Aerial Photographic Interpretation [1967]
  151. Donald Allen OLMSTEAD Trend-Surface Analysis of Geographical Data Surfaces [1968] [Sherman]
  152. Alice Bent THIEDE An Examination of the Map as a Conveyor of Propaganda [1967] [Sherman]
  153. Kenneth Joseph LANGRAN The Political and Administrative Control of Water Pollution in International River Basins [1968] [Cooley]
  154. Joshua David LEHMAN The Problem of Freeway Noise in Urban Areas [1968] [Ullman]
  155. Dennis Gene ASMUSSEN I. Railway Timber Flows in the Soviet Union; II. The Conservation Commission: An Alternative Beginning for the Creation of Effective Environmental Policy; III. Wild and Scenic Rivers: Private Rights and Public Goods [1969] [Jackson]
  156. Thomas Pierce BOUCHARD Politics and Environment: The Struggle for Wild and Scenic Rivers [1969] [Cooley]
  157. Lawrence E. GOSS Jr. The Rise and Fall of Downtown Tacoma: Its Causes and Consequences [1969] [Boyce]
  158. Charles Edwin GREER Chinghai Province: The Transformation of a Cultural Frontier [1969] [Chang]
  159. Dean R. LOUDER Non-Urban Stagnation in a Regional Setting: The Case of the Pacific Northwest [1969] [Morrill]
  160. Victor Lee MOTE Some Factors in Siberian Development: With Emphasis Upon the Western Siberian Butter Industry [1969] [Jackson]
  161. George Franklin SHERWIN Jr. Automobile Ownership Patterns: A Study of Variables Affecting Automobile Ownership in Seattle [1969] [Boyce]
  162. Richard Robert SLOMON The Hohsi Region Within the Han Frontier System : An Historical Geographic Approach [1969] [Chang]
  163. Dona Shirlene STROMBOM The Kirkland Business District: A Case Study of the Discrepancy Between Potential Trade Area and Retail Responses [1969] [Boyce]
  164. Daniel Perry BEARD Expansion of Outdoor Recreation Facilities: Two Case Studies Financed Under the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act in Washington State [1969] [Cooley]
  165. Philip Stephen KELLEY Control of the Ocean Floor: A Conflict Between Reality and Idealism [1969] [Sherman]
  166. Cristine Jenner CANNON Mapping Western North America and Puget Sound [1969] [Sherman]
  167. Robert James BARNES. The Structural-Functional Approach to Socio-Spatial Organization [1970] [Cooley]
  168. Edward Fisher BERGMAN Politics and the Geography of Transportation [1970] [Jackson]
  169. James Jefferson KYLE The Nisqually Delta Controversy [1970] [Cooley]
  170. Paul J. MCCRAW I. Determinism and Possibilism in the Case of China’s Economic Development; II. China’s Industrial Process and Reorientation in Foreign Trade [1970] [Chang]
  171. Barbara Ann WEIGHTMAN Commercial Fertilizer Manufacturing in Communist China: An Analysis of the Development Process and Growth Pattern of a Newly Emerged Industry [1970 ][Chang]
  172. Larry Martin SVART Field Burning in the Willamette Valley: A Case Study of Environmental Quality Control [1971] [Cooley]
  173. David A. MUNGER A Survey of the Western Red Cedar Shake Industry of the Pacific Northwest [1970] [Marts]
  174. John Robert BRADEN An Analysis of Models of Investments in Urban Outdoor Recreation Facilities [1971] [Beyers]
  175. Gerald Ray PETERSEN A Survey of the Growth and Nature of Medical Geography with Special Emphasis on Its Content, Methods and Relationships to the Health Sciences [1971] [Sherman]
  176. Eugene James TURNER The Functional Role of Animation in Cartography [1971] [Sherman]
  177. Randolph James SORENSEN Indian-American Land Tenure Conflict: A Case Study of the Shoshone- Bannock Fort Hall Indian Reservation, Fort Hall, Idaho [1971] [Jackson]
  178. Olen Paul MATTHEWS American Indian Cultural Change and Government Policy [1971] [Velikonja]
  179. Marilyn L. CAYFORD Transportation in Micronesia [1971] [Fleming]
  180. Werner Johann LINDEMAIER A Basic Study of an Endangered Natural Resource: The Ocean Shoreline of Washington State [1971] [Marts]
  181. Arnold Lee TESSMER Transport Development in Thailand; Strategic Requirements and Economic Growth [1971] [Ullman]
  182. Kenneth Allan POPP Gaming and the Evaluation of Population Forecasts. [1972] [Morrill]
  183. Saud H. RAAD Towards an Assessment of Environmental Impact of Urban Mass Transit and Political Integration in Lebanon [1972] [Jackson]
  184. David William BAYLOR Silver, Lead, and Zinc in the Economic Development of Shoshone County, Idaho [1972] [Thomas]
  185. Michael Lee TALBOTT Movements of Soviet Oil and Gas Since World War II [1972] [Jackson]
  186. Philip ANDRUS At Home in Tuwanasavi: The Perceived Integrity of the Hopi Environment [1972]
  187. Roger Earl DOBRATZ A Special Theory of General Systems in Geography [1972] [Ullman]
  188. Lawrence Laird NYLAND The Scandinavian Experiment: An Analysis of Various Aspects of Scandinavian Social Space Within the Confines of Western Europe [1972] [Fleming]
  189. Art CHIN The Economic Regionalization of Hainan Island South China (1950-1965) [1973] [Chang]
  190. Leon C. JOHNSON Black Migration, Spatial Organization and Perception in Philadelphia’s Urban Environment, 1638-1930 [1973] [Boyce]
  191. Fedva DIKMEN Patterns of Turkish Migration [1972] [Morrill]
  192. Diane Lynn MANNINEN The Role of Compactness in the Process of Redistricting [1973] [Morrill]
  193. Charles Everett OGROSKY New Approaches to the Preparation and Reproduction of Tactual and Enhanced Image Graphics for the Visually Handicapped [1973] [Sherman]
  194. Gerald Ray JEWETT Changing Social Objectives and the Columbia Basin Project: Past, Present, Future [1973] [Marts]
  195. James Robert BUCKNELL The Impact of Avalanches in Three Selected Areas of the Cascades: A Study of Avalanches as Natural Hazards [1974] [Marts]
  196. William Redford ALVES Three Papers on the Spatial Dynamics of Development: I. Critique of an Urban System Diffusion Model: Hudson’s (1969) Diffusion in a Central Place System.
    II. Decentralization of Manufacturing Location Theory of the Firm
    III. The Commuting Field and Its Spread Effects: Seattle, 1960-1970 [1974] [Beyers]
  197. John Philip KING The Global Pattern of Wide-Body Jet Routes: A Study of Network Determination [1974] [Fleming]
  198. Moses Pui-Chuen LAI Coal Industry in Mainland China: An Analysis of Its Changing Pattern of Growth and Distribution [1974] [Chang]
  199. Kathleen Elizabeth O’BRIEN [Braden] The Petroleum Resource of West Siberia [1974] [Jackson]
  200. James Albert BUSS Grouping, Regionalizing, Classifying: An Introduction [1974] [Morrill]
  201. John Timothy GRIFFIN Uncertainty and the Strategy of Flexibility in the Space-Economy [1975] [Beyers]
  202. George Herbert HARMEYER Rhine River Basin Water Pollution Problem [1975] [Fleming]
  203. Robert Graham MITTELSTADT Landscape Realization in the Cinema: The Geography of the Western Film [1976] [Fleming]
  204. Jerome R. BROTHERS The Subway Network in the Evolution of the Tokyo Mass Transit System [1976] [Velikonja]
  205. Kathryn Lynn ERICKSON Land Settlement in Tropical Africa for Population Pressure and Agricultural Development [1976] [Velikonja]
  206. Thomas Randall REVIS Geographic-Economic Problems and Development of a Soviet Population Policy [1976] [Jackson]
  207. Lawrence Alvin WOODWARD International Influence Fields: A Study in Political Geography [1976] [Jackson]
  208. Hazel Lynn SINGER [Griffith] The Spatial Distribution of Federal Funds for Research and Development [1976] [Thomas]
  209. Joseph P. CHURCHILL Skid Row in Transition [1976] [Boyce]
  210. Diana DENHAM Gypsies in Social Space [1976] [Velikonja]
  211. Jean CULJAK SHAFFER An Evaluation of Fare-Free Transit in Downtown Seattle [1976] [Boyce]
  212. Lawrence Leonard MANSBACH An Investigation of Locational Behavior as Viewed Through the Processes of Firm Growth [1976] [Krumme]
  213. David Alan FANSLER Downtown Retailing: A Quarter-Century of Decline [1977] [Hodge]
  214. Sallie Ann MILLER [MacGregor] Nonmetropolitan Growth as an Expression of Residential Preference [1977] [Morrill]
  215. George D. COOK The Presentation of Two Algorithms for the Construction of Value-By-Area Cartograms [1977] [Youngman]
  216. David Paul BEDDOE An Alternative Cartographic Method to Portray Origin-Destination Data [1978] [Sherman]
  217. John Henry BANNICK Jr. Unbalanced Product Specialization and the Location of Branch Plants [1978] [Morrill]
  218. Donna Lee KLEMKA Pacific Northwest Electrical Energy Planning. Problems of Institutional Redesign [1978] [Marts]
  219. Michael Kay MELTON A Study of the Visual Perception of Analytical Hill-Shading Technique [1978] [Youngman]
  220. Paula Noel TWELKER Ethnic Communities in Western Settlement [1978] [Velikonja]
  221. Masami HASEGAWA Depopulation: Recent Trends in Rural-Urban Migration in Japan [1978] [Kakiuchi]
  222. Valerie Jeanette LEACH [HODGE] Upfiltering and Neighborhood Change in the Madrona Area of Seattle, Washington [1978] [Hodge]
  223. Lawrence John KIMMEL Siberian Development and Its Implications for the U.S.S.R. [1978] [Jackson]
  224. Wendy Terra PRODAN Wilderness Review Procedures: Evaluating Alaska’s Wildlands [1979] [ZumBrunnen]
  225. Philip George HIRTES Orienteering and Orienteering-Mapping: Implications for Geography and Cartography [1979] [Sherman]
  226. Francis Eugene SHERIDAN The Gentrification of the Capitol Hill Community of Seattle in the 1970’s [1979] [Morrill]
  227. Lynn Phyllis WEINER [Anderson]. A Spatial Analysis of Regional Economic Change in the United States Between 1967 and 1975 [1979] [Beyers]
  228. Tamer KIRAC Formulating Regional Input-Output Models. A Case Study of Turkey [1979] [Beyers]
  229. Chris Edward LAWSON Hardrock Mineral Development Policy for National Forest Land [1979] [Beyers]
  230. Bridget TRUPIANO [Diekema] Spatial Variation in Soviet Living Standard: 1959-1975 [1979] [ZumBrunnen]
  231. Jody Hamaka Matsubu YAMANAKA The Geography of the U.S. Air Cargo Industry [1979] [Fleming]
  232. Nangisai Nason Kudzirozwa GWARADA Historical Development and Future Aspects of Agriculture in Zimbabwe [1979] [Hodge]
  233. Elizabeth Carol HOLLENBECK Open Space at the Urban Periphery [1979] [Mayer]
  234. Della Geneva O’CONNOR Port Development in the People’s Republic of China: A Geographical Perspective [1979] [Chang]
  235. Craig Smith CALHOON Population Redistribution and Regional Economic Structure in the System of U.S. Metropolitan Regions, 1965-1975 [1980] [Beyers]
  236. Kent Hughes BUTTS Alberta’s Energy Resources: Their Impact on Canada [1980] [Jackson]
  237. James William HARRINGTON Tan-Zam: Economic, Technological, and Political Perspectives on a New Transport Route [1980] [Thomas]
  238. Peter Haynes MESERVE Convergence: The Unsummoned Response [1980] [Jackson]
  239. Claudia Ann SWEENY The Effects of Equity Policies on Agricultural Mechanization in the People’s Republic of China [1980] [Chang]
  240. Paul WOZNIAK Zoning in Urban Expansion and Its Urban Form Implications [1980] [Hodge]
  241. Christopher L. DOUM Maps for Promotional Purposes: The Map in Travel [1980] [Sherman]
  242. Holly Jeanne MYERS-JONES A Geographical Analysis of Political Opposition to Busing in Seattle [1980] [Morrill]
  243. Howard John TIERSCH Network and Schedules: A Look at Airline Strategies. [1980] [Mayer]
  244. Sheila Jo MOSS Stress, Change and A Sense of Place: Some Thoughts on Providing Care for Cancer Patients [1980] [Mayer]
  245. Jacob Henry SCHNUR The Geographic Implications of Federally Established Fair Market Rents: Case of Seattle, Washington [1980] [Hodge]
  246. James Scott MACCREADY Technological Processes and Geographical Dimensions of the Product Life Cycle [1981] [Thomas]
  247. Michael Robert SCUDERI An Examination of the Spatial Behavior of Wilderness Uses, With Special Reference to Campsite Selection – A Case Study in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks [1981] [Beyers]
  248. Mary Elizabeth MONSCHEIN Color in Cartography and Landsat Image Comparison for Land Use Change Detection: A Feasibility Study [1981] [Youngman]
  249. Mary Ann CIUFFINI The Discriminability of Textures as Area Symbols on Tactual Maps and Graphics for the Visually Handicapped [1981] [Sherman]
  250. Laura Lee MCCANDLESS Two Studies in Cartography: A Review of Color Perception Research and the Design of Maps in Travel Advertising [1981] [Sherman]
  251. Terry Lynn STORMS The Crossed-Slit Anamorphoser: An Analysis of Its Characteristics and Utility in Cartography [1981] Sherman]
  252. John Michael MACGREGOR Spatial Equity of Mass Transit Service: The Seattle METRO [1981] [Hodge]
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  517. Meredith KRUEGER. Care and Capitalist Crisis in Anglophone Digital landscapes: The Case of the Mompreneur [2015] [Lawson]
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  525. Rebecca STUBBS. Place, Policy, and Parity: Examining Spatial and Socioeconomic Contributions to Hospital Charge Markup and MapSuite: An R Package for Thematic Maps [2017] [Ellis]
  526. Rod PALMQUIST. Does the NGO Sector Undermine National Health Providers? How to Measure Migrations of Health Workers Between Public and NGO Care Providers on a Cross-Country Basis [2017] [Sparke]

NON-THESIS M.A. (Special Projects)

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Doctoral Dissertations, 1930-Present

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Past Dissertations & Theses


2014 Graduates

Changjie Chen: Parallelizing the Execution of ArcGIS Geoprocessing Tools to Improve the Performance of Computing and Processing Massive Geographic Datasets: A Heuristic Research on Big Data Processing in the Planning Field

Yingfei Huang: Impact of Accessibility to Rail Transit on Commercial Property Values: A Case Study of the Miami Metrorail

Yehan Xu: Adaptation Strategies for Sea Level Rise: Case Studies and Application to Coastal Town of Cedar Key, Florida

Jingru Zhang: A Parcel-Level Analysis of Coastal Hazard Impact on Manatee County’s Residential Lands: An Integrated Application of GIS, Hazus-MH and Land Use Plan

Scott Rothberg: Evaluating Community Design for the Conservation of Fire Dependent Ecosystems and Regional Processes

Kevin Szatmary: The Impact of Bicycle Facilities on Single Family Residential Property Values: Evidence from Alachua County, Florida

David Wasserman: Evaluating Carsharing Potential: Developing Transportation Options for the Future

Ruoying Xu: How the Built Environment Affects Elderly Travel Behavior: An Activity-Based Approach for Southeast Florida

Rong Zeng: Integrated Natural and Built Environment Strategies for Adapting to Sea Level Rise: Case Studies, Evaluation Framework, and Application to Coastal Small Towns in Florida

Leilei Duan: Exploring the Use of Three-Dimensional Urban Simulation to Model Form-Based Codes Regulations

Benjamin Lytle: The Anticipatory Effects of Commuter Rail on Economic Development in Orange County, Florida

Sean Reiss: Using the Landscape to Identify Tipping Points and Thresholds to Assess Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise for Informing Adaptation Planning in Levy County, Florida

2013 Graduates

Briana Ozor: Playing Games: Building Capacity for Coastal Adaptation through Role-Play

Amy Cavaretta: Examining the Viability of Transportation Development to Reduce Urban Poverty in the Developing World through Accessibility: The Case of Kibera – Nairobi, Kenya

Caitlin Cerame: Agriculture of the Middle: A Feasibility Assessment for A Local Food Distributor in North Central Florida

Angela Coullias: Barriers and Facilitators of Walkability: Analysis of Street Networks and Urban Design Characteristics Around Central Florida Elementary Schools

Taehoon Ha: Comparative CPTED Analysis of Residential Communities in Pangyo and Yatap Towns in South Korea

Ashley McGehee: A Case Study of Redevelopment Strategies: Creative Revitalization of the South 8th Street Corridor in Fernandina Beach, Florida

Elizabeth Nocheck: Connecting Site Safety, Design, and Management: Exploring and Applying CPTED Principles in Planning Policies and Practices for Green Township, Ohio

Brittaney Ross: The Role of Community Schools in Family Friendly Communities: Case Study of the Qutzkyallee Educational Mile in Berlin, Germany

Josette Severyn: Accessing Transit in the Tower Road Triangle: An Evaluation of the Built Environment and Bus Stop Accessibility

Caitlin White: Creating Bicycle Friendly Universities: An Analysis with Recommendations for the University of Florida

Amanda Douglas: Evaluating Transportation Access to Healthy Food Sources: A Rapid Health Impact Assessment in Alachua County, Florida

Shayna Gershman: An Evaluation of Public Participation Techniques Using Arnstein’s Ladder: The Portland Plan

Russell Provost: A Statewide Analysis of the Interaction between the Built Environment and Travel Behavior Using Geographically Weighted Regression

2012 Graduates

Kenwyn Harrilal: Using Hazus-MH and ArcGIS for A Parcel-Based Case Study of the Effects of Sea Level Rise In the Tampa Bay Region With A Detailed Analysis of Residential Parcels In Pinellas County, Florida

Douglas McDuffie: Evaluating the Factors of Developing Gainesville’s Innovation Economy

Hannah Rogers: Bo Diddley Community Plaza: An Evaluation and Suggestions for Redesign

Hongtao Xie: An Indicator System to Evaluate Built Environment Performance for Waterfront Regeneration

Sarah Benton: (Un)safe and (In)secure at Home: Variations in Residential Security in Brazil

Brian Caper: Big Changes in A small County: A Case Study of Economic Development in Wyandotte County, Kansas

Forrest Eddleton: Communication of Past Adaptation: Using Local History in Rural Planning for Sea Level Rise

Daniel Greenberg: Corridor Revitalization in Sarasota: A CPTED Catalyst Proposal

Gareth Hanley: Local Economic Impacts of Airport Operations: An Economic Impact Assessment for the West Orange Airport Authority

Lara Holimon: Did School Concurrency Affect the Location of Residential Development?: An Analysis of School Concurrency in Alachua County, Florida

Kevin Ice: Vampire Analysis of Hillsborough County: A Spatial Representation of Oil and Mortgage Vulnerability

Angeline Jacobs: Regulatory Barriers and Opportunities in Developing Cohousing: An Investigation Into Small, Medium and Large Counties in Florida

Ivelisse Justiniano: Downtown Revitalization in Caguas, Puerto Rico Case Studies, Best Practices and Recommendations

Robert Narvaez: Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes: Integrating Agricultural Urbanism into Communities

Allison Schutes: Green Space: A Catalyst for Economic Development?

Max Shmaltsuyev: Cruising for Parking in Downtown Miami

Nicole Anderson: Creating Efficiency: An Examination of the Allocation of School Facilities Resources in the Chicago Public Schools

Shivani Aserkar: Use of GIS Modeling for Creating Alternate Future Scenario Focusing on Integrating Urban and Transportation Decisions for Polk and Highlands County, Florida

Brenden Baitch: Assessing the Power of Sunshine: A Multicase Qualitative Study of Solar Energy

Michele Janiszewski: Industry Cluster Analysis in Order to Promote Productive Business Development in Western Orange County, Florida

Brett Lackey: Brain Drain to Brain Gain: A Comparative Local Economic Development Analysis of the Creative Class in Gainesville, Florida Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

2011 Graduates

James Beeler: Security Planning for Public Spaces: Testing a Proposed CPTED Rating Instrument in Berlin, Germany

Lidiane Behlau: Construction Waste and Self-Help as an Alternative to Enhance Housing Affordability: a Case Study of a Housing Project Implemented in Ibipora, State of Parana, Brazil

Kevin Biegler: Examining Successful Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Implementation Models to Develop a Pre-Implementation Criterion (PIEC): An Application to Ft. Collins, Colorado and Gainesville, Florida

Christina D’Auria: A Sustainable Approach to the Urban Design and Development of Innovation Square, Gainesville, Florida

Curtis Dubberly: Determining the Effects of Jacksonville’s Enterprise Zone

Laura Erdely: Suburban Retrofit: Simulated Application of Sprawl Repair on Orlando’s Most Promising Edge City

Charles Gibbons: Sub-Prime to Suboptimal: Realized Effects of the Foreclosure Crisis on Neighborhood Quality in Hillsborough County, Florida

Blake Harvey: Modeling Infill and Urban Growth to Evaluate Agricultural Conversion in Lake County, Florida

Joshua Hoffman: Public Perceptions of Rail Transit in the Community of Winter Park, Florida: Sunrail Comes to Town

Christen Hutton: Transit-Oriented Development Case Study Policy Analysis: A Comparative Study of Programs and Policies across the United States

Taehwan Hyeon: A Study on the Characters of the New Town Project in the Context of the Compact City: The Case Study of Wangsimni New Town Project in Seoul

Jacob Kain: Light Rail Transit in a Shrinking City: Defining Success for Detroit’s Woodward Avenue Light Rail

Shane Laakso: A Comparison of Sustainability in Greenfield Development under Form-Based Codes and Euclidean Zoning Regulations: A Case Study of St. Lucie County, Florida

Dixue Li: Effects of Street Pattern on Frequency of Traffic Crash: A Case Study of Gainesville, Florida

William Lisska: The Effectiveness of Psychological Traffic Calming: A Comparative Case Study of Two Neighborhoods in Alachua County, Florida

Amy Long: Life Cycle Assessment Analysis of Coal versus Nuclear Power in Levy County, Florida

Xing Ma: The Implementation of Urban Growth Boundary and its Effects on Local Housing Affordability: Portland, Oregon, As a Case Study

Jessica Mackey: A Comparison of Parking Policies: A Cast Study of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tanner Martin: Economic Growth in Pensacola, FL – A GIS Based Assessment of Redevelopment Policy, 1996 – 2010

Jay McLeod: Residential Future Land Use Planning in South Florida: Regional Analysis of Nine Counties

Brittany McMullen: The Economic Impact of Parks on Residential Property Values: Evidence from Gainesville, Florida

Robert Murphy: Virtues Unfulfilled: The Effects of Land Value Taxation in Three Pennsylvania Cities

Myles O’Keefe: Affordable Housing and Transit-Oriented Development: A Comparison of Observed Policy Findings with Those of the City of Tampa

Sarah Perch: Community Garden Barriers: A Grounded Theory Study of Gainesville, Florida

Reginald Pierre-Jean: A Methodology for Exploring the Relationship between Intersection Form Factors and Traffic Crashes using Geographically Weighted Regression

Tamashbeen Rahman: Bus Rapid Transit and Heavy Rail: A Comparison for Transit-Oriented Developments in South Florida

Lindsay Rizzo: Urban Design and Marketing: How Cities Can Use Spatial Qualities to Attract Baby Boomers

Anelkis Royce: Urban Legalization: The Effects of Legalization on Land Value in Southern Areas of Bogota, Colombia

Crystal Torres: Evaluating the Potential Effectiveness of Community Redevelopment Agencies to Improve Socio-Economic Conditions within the Redevelopment Area: A Cast Study in Gainesville, Florida

Justin Willits: Bus Rapid Transit in Montgomery, County, Maryland: Determining Stop and Station Locations in Specified Corridors

Kristina Wright Bowen: Participation and Predictability: A Comparative Analysis of Processes and Outcomes of the Form-Based Codes and Previous Conventional Zoning Codes of Miami, Florida and Denver, Colorado

Wencui Yang: Analysis on Correlation between Urban Form Factors and Children’s Walkability to School

Sulhee Yoon: Finding Food Deserts Based on Food Access Index and Transportation Modes: Case Study of Sarasota County, FL

Yuyang Zou: GIS-Based Future Land Use Hurricane Storm Surge Hazard Analysis: A Case Study for Volusia County, Florida




2015 Graduates

Soowoong Noh: Examining the Relationships between Fbcs and Active Built Environment

Ruoniu Wang: Tracking Choice in the Housing Choice Voucher Program The Role of Residential Preference in Locational Outcome

Seungil Yum: The Effect of Creativity on Urban Economy in the U.S. a New Creativity Index: 3Ci (Creative Class, Creative Infrastructure, and Culture)

Dan Zhu: Policy on River Pollution Management: an Analysis of China’s Huai River Pollution Reduction

2014 Graduates

Iris Patten: Measuring Regional and Local Innovative Opportunities

Shanty Yulianti Rachmat: The Relationship of Time-of-Day Travel and Built Environment in Southeast Florida: Incorporating Parking Characteristics in Downtown Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Laurel Harbin: The Etawah Pilot Project: a Case Study of Albert Mayer’s Normative Regionalism in Post-Independent India

Yiqiang Ouyang: Examining the Influence of Built Environment on Traffic Crashes: A Spatio-Temporal Data Mining Approach

Suwan Shen: An Integrated Approach to Coastal Community’s Vulnerability Analysis: Case Study in Tampa Bay Region

Fei Yang: Employ Cost-Benefit Analysis to Evaluate the Cost Efficiency of Major Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategies

2013 Graduates

Hee Deok Cho: The Factors That Affect Long Distance Travel Model Choice Decisions and Their Implications for Transportation Policy

Juna Papajorgji: Exploring the Benefits of an Open Systems Paradigm for Building Permit Technologies in Local Governments of Florida

Hyung-Chul Chung: Stain or sustain? Equitable Neighborhood Revitalization of Distressed Communities through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program, and the Housing Choice Voucher Program

Young Sun Kwon:The effects of Residential Mortgage Foreclosure on Residential Income Segregation

2012 Graduates

Yong Hong Guo: Using Remote Sensing and GIS to Monitor and Predict Urban Growth- Case Study in Alachua County, Florida

Jeongseob Kim: Promoting Sustainable Communities through Infill: the Effect of Infill Housing on Neighborhood Income Diversity

2011 Graduates

Abdulnaser Amin Arafat: Evaluating Accessibility and Travel Cost as Suitability Components in the Allocation of Land Use, a Case Study of Identifying Land for Affordable Housing in Three Counties in Florida

Ridwan Sutriadi: Mobile Technology and the Challenge to Promote a Communicative City in Indonesia. Case Study Bandung Metropolitan Area, Indonesia

Jun Zhao: Zoning Variance Administration in Practice: Influencing Factors and Trends


UF Library Archive of Dissertations and Theses

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